Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Deciderer

Visited Pittsburgh this weekend for family and baseball. Woke up and thought I would hit the streets for some early AM photography before checkout. Leaving the hotel, I felt for sure that I would come back with dozens of dazzling street scenes, that the spirits of Winogrand and Cartier-Bresson would bless me with untold fantastic compositions. The light would be perfect and magical experiences would play out before my willing eyes and a "defining moment" would present itself and I would be there to capture it. With my hopes high, I left the hotel and set out upon a journey of fantastic discovery. "This is going to be the GREATEST !" I told myself.

I took pictures of a concrete wall.

I tried so hard to find the moment I had in my mind. Through streets and alleyways. Up and down the avenues. High and low. But, as much as I would like to be heartbroken and disappointed, I do not think I can be. It is but a simple concrete wall and yet it seized my attention with an iron grip and would not release me. I tried to go forward in my pursuit of what I had envisioned, but it was all for naught. This had pounced on me like an angry cheetah and I was done. It has so much to explore. Tone. Texture. Symmetry. Truly fascinating. Just lying in wait @ 7th St. Patiently anticipating its victim.

I guess my moment found me after all.

"Men plan, God laughs."

Truer words have never rung in my ears quite so loudly.


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ilachina said...


(Also a bit of strange synchronicity: got an email from our mutual friend Sandy yesterday with the Subject line: "Man Plans, God Laughs") What does it all mean?

Thought #2: that little grill (awesome!) reminds me of Phil K. Dick's novel UBIK, in which the "world" (to us readers, but in the beginning unbeknownst to us readers) is an illusion, and exists only within the mind, such as it is, of some cryogenically frozen dude. The only *sign* that its not real is the ubiquitous presence of the company-brand UBIK on everything. Hidden, but in plain sight.
There is always also the specter of discovering the "signed initials" of the hidden but in plain site artist of this real wondrous illusion we're all immersed in, and it may indeed look like a simple grill (nano-nano-nano scale of course ;-)

Thought #3: thought you could get away with a simple one-word comment, eh? ;-) But your images are truly "Cool" (love'em)