Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Is What's Up

Guess where I went on vacation ? I decided that this was going to be a relaxing trip. Really wanted to take more "typical" photos, ones that are not what I normally look for. Of course, I was able to capture some interesting perspectives but I did not want to be actively seeking them. Let them come to me if they wanted to. If not, I was still going to take pictures and RELAX.

And relax I did. This city is so wonderful for the most part ! My wife keeps telling me we should move there. It is pretty expensive, though. People would have to buy a metric $#!^-ton of photos from me to make it worth it. So, if you want me gone from the East Coast, buy something ! Or if you would like us there permanently, buy something ! Sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Little Italy, watching the world around, yeah, life is good. Buy something !

Selling photos to tourists, 8 1/2 x 11, matted and sacked for $20 bucks a pop. Laughing as the Bush Man scares the crap out of the unsuspecting. Wasting time in City Lights. Graffiti in the Mission with tacos and cervesa. Fog photos of this <<<< bridge from Sausolito. Dinner with friends and family. Trips to Muir Woods and Sonoma. Art, art, and MORE art. Art everywhere. In museums, on the street, on clothes, in little out of the way shops. Very open. Very alive. So inspirational. Very serious people that are laid back at the same time. Kinda like an A- or B+ personality type. Did confuse some people with politeness (my parents raised me right), but no big deal. Thought it was cute that they looked at me as if they were waiting for the "Gotcha !" like the Amway sale or asking if they have found Jesus or something. I hope they were pleased that nothing was asked in return, just being nice.

Despite the screaming children that seemed to find me everywhere (in confined areas like waiting in line or 5 hour plane trips), this was a success. It has caused me to really examine where I am and where I want to be in life. I have no time for foolishness. Many artistic and business questions will be asked and answered in the coming months of summer. Things are afoot in the Schneider House of Artistic Concepts. I have paths to choose and decisions to make. We all do.

Big ones.

We'll see what happens...... Stay tuned.