Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Eyes, My Eyes, My God My Eyes !

Firstly, I have NOT been struck blind, much to my enemies collective chagrin. However, I have been having issues. Mostly due to the fact that I seem to have forgotten just how to blink. NOT good. Pain, swelling, redness, discomfort, and the wish to drive something large through my eye sockets has not been conducive to working on photographic journeys. The benefit, and there is one, is that I have been forced to examine things not directly in front of me in order to extend my focal point and get my eyes back to somewhat non painful working order. This has granted me many new occasions to see something different that I might have otherwise missed. Thusly, I present the above photograph.

It is that thing in the corner of your sight that you just aren't fast enough to see that eludes me. I have been getting better in seeing more. This little distraction is not a good thing when driving fast. It IS good when you are in a photographic state of mind. Whatever it is will, in all likelihood, not be as cool as you think it might be. It is the possibility that it will be 10,000 times cooler that makes you look.