Monday, February 9, 2009

Arty People

FINALLY accepted to the Lorton Workhouse Photographic Society. A little more validation of hard work. This past Saturday was my first open house with this group. Kind of intimidating at first, in that there are some phenomenal photographers in the group. But here I am, trying to make the most of the opportunity. Stoked to be @ Lorton with my incredibly talented wife !


Interesting to hear the responses from people. I am a listener, that guy on the fringe listening to several conversations @ once trying to determine which one is the most interesting. Comments ranged from "This is a talented group of people," to "How did some of this crap get hung ?" It seemed like some things were acceptable and others were not even close. Wow ! What an eye opener for me. I try to find the artistic point in everything art related, good or bad really has no meaning for me when it comes to these things. It simply IS. One person's perspective, one person's concept, one person's interpretation. Just because you might not like it does not mean that it is bad. It just means that you might favor a different style, or like nudes more than landscapes, macros over sweeping vistas, whatever it may be. I have my preferences and they will remain just that, MINE. I won't discourage someone else's vision or interpretation, I won't do it. I have to admit I do not like everything I see, but I can try to appreciate it for what it is and not condemn it.

I was told at this show that every photo is a lie, a sin of omission, of what is not seen in the context of the whole scenario. It is the photographer's/editor's choice as to what is revealed of the entirety. I would like to think that this makes for better art. I prefer to let my mind fill in the gaps and not be spoon fed the answer. Like Hitchcock and his films, it is better to let the viewer fill in the imagery than to just show the splatter/gore. The mind will race to fill in the missing bits to make everyone's view their own, right or wrong.

I take photos. It just is.