Monday, May 24, 2010

new hanging

New hanging ! Northside Social 3211 Wilson Blvd in Arlington.

Alternative transportation is the theme, i.e. NO CARS. Thought I would throw some work again this year as I have been quite slack in the hanging department and I really need to get back into gear. Shows the month of June. Go see it, dammit ! Buy something ! All proceeds go to the artist. What a welcome change !

I have been a big endorser of "Do it your damn self." Time to start again. I can't wrap my brain around the "pay to play" philosophy of "galleries" anymore. I won't do it. If I have to create the art, frame it, hang it, MARKET it, SELL it in someone else's place, AND PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE, I must be off my rocker. I get paid for what I do. I'll be happy with NOT PAYING. I've had it with paying for ineptitude and incompetence. It simply is not right. My time and talent is as valuable as the next person's (all right, sometimes more, sometimes less but you get the overall point being made !) and I will no longer be taken advantage of by people in the art world around here. I don't want to "join" another group that takes money to belong and STILL charges to show. It's bullshit. I am a photographer. I like the lone gunman feeling of going on a shoot. Sometimes it is fun to talk and shoot with others, but by and large, it is my time and eye that I want to develop. I shouldn't have to PAY to do that.

And I won't do it anymore.