Sunday, April 11, 2010


Still inspired by the same thing. It feels good to have a focus on a particular subject. Even better that it contains such a wide variety of opportunities. Special thanks to Patrick (again!) Truly a fascinating experience for the senses to watch him create. Building 10 @ the Lorton Workhouse Art Center.

I am so very frustrated right now I could kick a kitten. ART is crushing my will to create. STUPIDITY is killing my will to cooperate. Everyone apparently HEARS, but no one LISTENS. I feel as if a fog has been lifted from my brain and I can see for the first time what is going on around me. However, a NEW FOG has enveloped me and is preventing me from correcting the chaos around me. I liken it to a dream where you see someone about to have something horrible happen to them and you try to scream and nothing comes out, no matter how hard you try.

I made the mistake of remembering Art School Confidential, a weird little indie flick from a couple of years back. I just want to paint circles right now. Or squares. After doing this for a couple of years, I will be ready for triangles. Every time I go see a current collection, there are about 10 % of the artists that are worth examining. I have seen the rest time and again, the same abstract, the same techniques, the same subject matter. I guess I need to go back to NYC for a kick in the ass and to find something fresh. I want to be OVERWHELMED with innovative art. I want to see things like what BK does in Building 9 that when I LOOK at his art, it RESONATES in my chest and ears as well as my eyes and mind. I want to see things that Chris Appleton does in Building 4 that when I look at a large piece, I am thoroughly enthralled by ANY SECTION I LOOK AT. Any part, unto itself, would be brilliant, and when you put them all together on one piece it is as captivating a work as anyone can imagine. I AM selfish in that I want this ALL OF THE TIME........EVERYWHERE. Don't give me that ying-yang crap, BRILLIANCE needs to be the new baseline.

I want to be rendered speechless by art. I want to physically feel the rage, pain, frustration, and demons that are expressed to canvas in some of my wife's work. I want to understand it without explanation. I want the inner serenity offered by the works of Andy Ilachinski to permeate my very existence.

I want to feel art again for the first time. Always.