Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So, it has been a while.... How are you ? No, I haven't forgotten you, I've been busy. But I am here for now so lets move on, shall we ?

OK, I am in Maui currently. Imagine a good looking West Virginia with surf and perfect weather. Glad you are here. There are literally hundreds of cars that have been abandoned throughout the island. They have been somewhat scrapped for parts, rolled over, and invariably, burnt and left for dead. Well, they ARE dead at this point. Problem is, no one wants to bury them. So they sit and rust and wait for the ravages of time to do what is needed. For an island FULL of old hippies, you would think it would be a lot cleaner. Too busy making money, "dropping out" of society, and complaining about the Government to give a shit, I suppose.

Top is looking out from th Iao Valley. Valley of Kings and battles and fat tourists that can't make it up 133 steps to the viewing area without complaining. Great view, good for a quick stop before going somewhere else.

So confused about a lot of things right now. People, Art, and the Truth all vexing me. I think I might know what the problem is. I could possibly have the answer already and I am too afraid to acknowledge it. Maybe my Mother was right. Enjoy everything you can for as long as you can because when it's over, that's IT. No more.

I just can't seem to disconnect.