Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Deciderer

Visited Pittsburgh this weekend for family and baseball. Woke up and thought I would hit the streets for some early AM photography before checkout. Leaving the hotel, I felt for sure that I would come back with dozens of dazzling street scenes, that the spirits of Winogrand and Cartier-Bresson would bless me with untold fantastic compositions. The light would be perfect and magical experiences would play out before my willing eyes and a "defining moment" would present itself and I would be there to capture it. With my hopes high, I left the hotel and set out upon a journey of fantastic discovery. "This is going to be the GREATEST !" I told myself.

I took pictures of a concrete wall.

I tried so hard to find the moment I had in my mind. Through streets and alleyways. Up and down the avenues. High and low. But, as much as I would like to be heartbroken and disappointed, I do not think I can be. It is but a simple concrete wall and yet it seized my attention with an iron grip and would not release me. I tried to go forward in my pursuit of what I had envisioned, but it was all for naught. This had pounced on me like an angry cheetah and I was done. It has so much to explore. Tone. Texture. Symmetry. Truly fascinating. Just lying in wait @ 7th St. Patiently anticipating its victim.

I guess my moment found me after all.

"Men plan, God laughs."

Truer words have never rung in my ears quite so loudly.