Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Careering out of control !

There it sits. Beckoning. All I have to do is cross it. Seems so simple on the surface, and yet it is terrifying. Dramatic change in my life tends to cause this. I would rather it come in subtly, over time, on cat's paws like fog. I have many times just crossed with no forethought or care and worked it out on the other side as best I could. This time feels more dramatic. Could it be the fear based society that has overcome us in the last 10 years or so has taken root in me ? I have never considered myself fearful. Do I have more to lose now ? In a society based on consumerism, yes I do. Change for the sake of change seems foolhardy at best. A change based on need is simple. A change based on want depends on the want. Would it not be great to wake up and have it all done without the second guessing and the doubting stares of friends and relatives, without the self-torture, without the fear?

I think something/someone is telling me something that I need to hear.

It is time to cross the bridge.

Thanks again to Shami, Walter, and Tom for a successful Saturday at Burke Cigar.
Next post we'll talk about local shows that my wife and I will be in as well as observations on ART and artists. What a crazy bunch we are !