Saturday, July 25, 2009

Really ?

OK, a little more normalcy here. About time. Needed to get this one done. Despite my mac freezing AGAIN during this process, I came back without frustration and finished it. I think it is kinda strange that, although I have resigned from the Workhouse, all of the above images were taken there. My wife still shows there (for now) and I guess I need something to do while she attends her business there. It all goes back to what I and many others have felt for a long time; that there is much to see in our own backyards and that travel to exotic places is not a necessary element of capturing interesting/beautiful images. Or maybe I am merely rationalizing. We may never know...

I was accused of being a luddite this week. Odd, since I have worked in and with technology off and on since 1976 and continuously for the past 10 odd years. I guess I have a different perspective than most. I love what tech can do, the possibilities, the speed of information. It was the advancement of digital technology in cameras that brought me back to photography. I, however, do not worship technology. I don't "need" GPS. I know where I am and I can read a map. It is a tool. Or a complete waste of time. Either way I use it almost every day for what it is; the coolest hammer in the toolbox.

Lots of art happening around, lots of local shows and opportunity. Go support your local artists.

I do.


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