Sunday, February 21, 2010

all work and no play

make Roy do something something something......... All in all, I think my sister-in law is right when she says that Winter should be about a month. Just long enough to get some snow, hot chocolate, and snuggling in and then be done. When I was a bit younger, I felt that when the cold weather arrived, I could always put on more clothes. Being from Southern Va., the heat and humidity was simply oppressive at times (re:July and August). Tom Robbins likened Richmond to, "Living inside a napalmed watermelon." and he is right. However, when you combine the snow amounts that we have achieved this Winter with the type A++ personality of the Mid-Atlantic/Beltway, you have a nice medium sized disaster. It is painfully obvious that we are simply unprepared to deal with this type of weather. PERIOD. Lived in Rochester, NY for 2 years. Had way more snow than this. Everyday life went on uninterrupted. I guess what I am getting at is that, as long as the locals can deal and the sun is out, I can probably live there happily. This area in general is becoming a living hell of our own making.

Happier thoughts ! I was accepted into the 19th Annual Strathmore Artists Members Exhibition (Nov 22nd posting, edited version of the uppermost picture). Dates are Feb. 27th-April 10th. See under fine arts and exhibitions for more info. Glad I was accepted as I was giving some insane thought to chucking it all onto craigslist and being done. I know better than to ACTUALLY do that, but the thought did enter my mind and would not leave until the results were posted. Being slightly crazy has its downside.

Getting a travelling jones that I will need to succumb to soon. Might have to explore the West again. Someplace warm, I assure you.

Go make some ART !