Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yeah, Right

Blogging. I love blogging. The release of one's thoughts upon the world. Opinionated ? Yes I am. Questions ? I have many. What happened to common sense, moral outrage, and personal responsibility ? I didn't think THAT would happen. Things are easy if you simply do not care. It's not my fault..... all useless answers that I hear daily.

I seem to consistently take the difficult path. Does this make me an idiot or a better person ? My "normal" is not your normal as it should be. I endure physical pain every day to the point where I have to set a baseline for what is too much. I assure you, it is a pretty stout line. Yet, I look at others and know some have it far worse than I. I could burden people with the tales of pain and woe that I endure, but most would not be believed. I have tried before. Usually, the look of boredom on the person's face is a sign that the subject must be changed. So I go through life with what appears to be a perpetually pissed off expression. I either hurt or am in deep contemplation. I also look EXACTLY like my father who has the same expression. Genetics, what are you going to do ????

I love photography. All types. Well, maybe not weddings because of all the tension caused by all of the money spent on barely competent people and things that have spun out of control at a mind numbing pace. Outside, sports, people; it's about freezing a moment in time, creating a catalyst for conversation or analysis, or simply because it is beautiful. I try to show things that are there but overlooked, the tree despite the forest if you will.

I hope it is enjoyed.