Sunday, November 22, 2009

Portrait of the Tools of an Artist

I was thinking of "portrait of the artist as a tool..." but I figured that would NOT work out as well as I hoped. Even though we all know some "artist tools," it somehow just didn't feel right. I can remember as a child I loved the paint, brushes, palette, easel, and smell of my mother's oil painting. I loved watching my father make prints. In retrospect, I think the appeal was in the actual tools used. Here are these objects that are designed for a specific purpose being used for that purpose. "What does THAT do ?" I would pester my folks with endless questions. I guess they knew that when all of my questions were answered, I would go about my business and they could go back to what they were doing. So, I thought I would take a page from the great Andy Ilachinski and create a series with a purpose, rather than a seemingly random set of images. I am still in the process of collecting images, these are from my first three forays into my new found project. Right now, I need to thank the Fiber Artists of Building 6 and Sean Donlon in Building 9 at the Workhouse Arts Center for being so gracious and allowing me to invade their space for 15 minutes or so today. It really means a lot to meet and work with such great artists and people. Very inspirational and I thank you again. I hope to have a showing of this collection somewhere. Maybe a show with my wife ( ). Who knows what will happen. I just know the possibilities are only limited by my own insanity.

Photography is fun again.