Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Browsing, Thank You

That's right, I am just browsing. NOT interested in talking to you or commenting to you or purchasing anything I do not understand. It's not my fault. I simply do not have the courage of conviction to go out on a limb and place something in my home that I like, regardless of what anyone else thinks. It's OK. I know what my limitations are and I am not interested in broadening them in the least for fear of rejection. So I will sit in my little mediocre puddle of bleah and kinda sorta enjoy what I have. This is what I think a large portion of people have going through their heads as they wander around, looking at all the pretty things.

Meanwhile, the artist is looking for validation. A purchase is very nice, but some thoughtful conversation about their work is also appreciated. How about a question regarding the particular motivation, influence, or technique used for their work ? A bit of banter if you will. Speak up, you might learn something or meet someone really quite interesting. You won't know until you try.

All of the above selections were chosen today at the Lorton Workhouse and surrounding fence line. I like the reflections in the first along with the ever present guard tower looming in the background. My friend James Gordon Meek, a Journalist for the Daily News, indicated that the space HE would want to show in would be the guard tower. Can't argue with THAT ! How cool would that be ? "What building are you in ?" "I am in the GUARD TOWER overlooking all of the PRISONERS of the WORKHOUSE !" How many prisoners saw this almost exact image on a daily basis ? Something to work on, something to do and maybe feel proud of but under the watchful eyes of the tower guards. Something to ponder.

I think I must be on a leaf binge or something. At least the "earth abstract" is different.

Photo abstracts don't sell. THAT was reaffirmed today by an independent source. Great. Rumor mill has it that several "important people" do not consider photography an art form in the art world (around these parts, anyway). Super. I get to pay you to be a greeter. FANTASTIC ! It was pointed out that people shouldn't use CAPS because it appears that you are YELLING. No shit ! I am some kind of PISSED OFF and I tend to YELL when that happens. ARRRGH !!! And yet, I still continue the artistic passion despite the petty nonsense that permeates this atmosphere.

I digress. Browsing is for the bookstore or library. Enjoy art. Embrace art. It is one of the things that separates us from the rest of the animals. Talk to an artist. It can be one of the most fascinating conversations you may ever have. If you don't, you will never know.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Feeling a bit Nauti......

Sorry, couldn't resist. Bad joke, brain hurt. Still chuckling over it though, aintcha ! Both of these were taken in Camden, Maine, for what it is worth. While there, we went to a local bookstore and struck up a conversation with this lady who worked at same. Talked for 10-15 minutes about everything and nothing. Found out she was from Reston...we are from Northern Va as well. I can't seem to go anywhere without meeting someone from either Va or Pittsburgh. My long suffering wife and family is from the Western Pennsylvanias. Former boss' wife, Western Pa. It just goes on and on. Crew member on the boat we were on out of Camden.......Yep, Western Pa. They run deep, people. Thank God they are all pretty cool. Otherwise, we would all be in a world of shit.

Stock, Photojournalism, Art. What photographic "label" would you like ? Being the evolved species, we like to (have to) LABEL EVERYTHING so that we can have a better grasp of what it is. This is wrong, some things just are....enjoy them for what they are or are not but don't box them up. Art needs to be free of the encumbrances placed upon it by an ignorant populace (WOW, how do like me now ?!). I hate stock photography. Partly because I don't "see" that way. It simply isn't inside of me trying to get out like the other things I create. Like asking Coltrane to play major scales only...not to push forward...not to expand the art... not to challenge what is the "norm." Do not misunderstand me, there are stock photographers that are AWESOME at their craft and make an ass-ton of money at it. Good for them, but that is not me. I am pissed off that people are passing off stock photos as "ART." That is a barrel of bullshit being foisted off on an unsuspecting and ignorant populace and I sure wish they would just stop it. Both the victims and the perpetrators. Just quit it. Go buy a Conde Nast Travel mag and look at the ads and articles if that is what you want to look at. And quit hanging it at galleries under the guise of "art." All of you should be ashamed.

Photojournalism. God how I wish I had the courage to do that. It is the true use of the medium. The old LIFE magazine photo essays..... magic on the page. Nat. Geo. What photographer would NOT want a spread ? No, really, try and name one. I cried like an infant watching James Nachtwey's documentary. Like a baby, sobbing at the images playing out before me. May your God bless all of you. I can only offer my heart-felt thanks for what you do for all of us.

Go out and do something radically different with your art.....someone may thank you for it. That someone may be you........