Saturday, July 25, 2009

Really ?

OK, a little more normalcy here. About time. Needed to get this one done. Despite my mac freezing AGAIN during this process, I came back without frustration and finished it. I think it is kinda strange that, although I have resigned from the Workhouse, all of the above images were taken there. My wife still shows there (for now) and I guess I need something to do while she attends her business there. It all goes back to what I and many others have felt for a long time; that there is much to see in our own backyards and that travel to exotic places is not a necessary element of capturing interesting/beautiful images. Or maybe I am merely rationalizing. We may never know...

I was accused of being a luddite this week. Odd, since I have worked in and with technology off and on since 1976 and continuously for the past 10 odd years. I guess I have a different perspective than most. I love what tech can do, the possibilities, the speed of information. It was the advancement of digital technology in cameras that brought me back to photography. I, however, do not worship technology. I don't "need" GPS. I know where I am and I can read a map. It is a tool. Or a complete waste of time. Either way I use it almost every day for what it is; the coolest hammer in the toolbox.

Lots of art happening around, lots of local shows and opportunity. Go support your local artists.

I do.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

having fun !

Went to ARTSCAPE in Baltimore today. CAKE, my current favorite band in the universe, was playing and really, the only reason other than baseball, to go to Bmore. Great time to be had by one and ALL. And I mean ALL ! I mean, just look at the pictures. How many of you have seen THIS many people at an art show ? It was crazy crowded. The photo van pic is for my photography friends. I can imagine Andy rolling in this with some phat 24" chrome and air suspension and the bass just THUMPIN ! I like the guard pic. Poor girl, she had to stay until 11 pm with these crazy people. I am glad that the statue was welded solid. Art does have a permanent place in society. Evidently it can also be used to garner a better vantage point as well. Got lost going there, had to find a restaurant that was open (WTF?!?!?!?), and spilled a margarita on my camera making it all sticky. It was AWESOME !

Met a lady associated with Wulf Zendik. Interesting. The point of view they espouse in the magazine I received struck a chord. Here are some quotes:"Ninety-some percent of all the art I see says absolutely nothing to me....""I'm bored with eloquence without substance; please take all of art and shove it up your collective asses-sick to death I am of this constant rumble and chewing and pawing the dirt about art."".....hope lies not in your culture but in yourself..."

As you can see, the negative aspect is what I found. But is it negative ? How about a call to arms for artists ? Photographically, it has all be done, or very near to it. I very rarely see anything new anymore. Who is setting the example ? Who is setting the new baseline for the next generation ? I pray to all the beings held holy by mankind that it is NOT f@(%ing photoshop filters ! THAT shit is NOT PHOTOGRAPHY, it is DIGITAL ART. Learn the difference for crying out loud !

I choose what I think is art and what I think is fun and what is a waste of time. Nothing you see on this post is meant to be an artistic expression, nor is it meant to be. It is simply fun and an attempt at telling part of the story of my experience today. What I choose to hang , however, is serious business. It is not commerce, it comes from within and must be allowed to exist. What I do, I do because I love it, because I am compelled to, because it feels right. I don't do it for the $$$. If I did, it would be more of a job and I already have one of those that pays the bills and don't want another on top of it. HOWEVER, I am not so stupid that I would not consider an offer on ANYTHING seen here : )

This is not the post I wanted to do. My computer crashed before I was finished with the photo prep and I just couldn't deal with it again. I promise to put away my soapbox ( well, maybe make it a bit smaller) next time and go back to what I've been told are "Roy shots."


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Insomnia Part 2

Hope the freaking text doesn't bleed over like last time. Do as I want, not as I do, stupid program. Can't sleep again. Two days in a row. Something must be bothering me, but I do not know what. Other people have tangible problems, I tend to have existential problems and they are a pain in the ass. I secretly want to be selfish, yet I absolutely abhor that trait in others and the entire "look at me !" society. I secretly want the spotlight, yet my meditations tell me to quell my ego. I would have liked to be a world traveling photographer in the 1920's, yet I rarely leave the state in which I live. I live in a world of color, LOVE color, and yet I am shooting more and more in black and white (happily, I might add). I think I am a pain in my OWN ass. Wrap your brains around THAT one.

The uppermost picture says a lot about how I currently feel about people and society in general. There is no reason why ALL the chairs cannot be straight and in line. Started out pretty good but eventually just slapped it together and said, "whatever (sigh)" and went on not caring a whole lot about anything. It's not OCD or any other acronym or label, it is sometimes called a "work ethic." Some people actually take pride in how things look and how well they do their assigned task. The world is filled with 80 percenters, people that do 80 % of a task and then mysteriously fade away. Just finish it.

In the world of art stuff, the current "picture of the month" is on tour. Currently in small form @ the USGS in Reston through the end of July and its larger version will be @ the W-16 Gallery @ Lorton in August for the Juried Photographic Show (I won't call it "annual" as it is the first one and there are no guarantees that it will happen again as no one knows what the future holds. Men plan, God laughs). On a REALLY cool note, my friend Dan Davidson was accepted to the juried show @ Lorton as well. It will be his first juried show and I hope he wins. He has a very interesting perspective and the ability to capture your attention with it. NOT cookie cutter or stock, truly very cool stuff. I look forward to hearing more positive things from his camp. I will also be hanging a few things @ the Fairfax County Government Center in July and August. First floor starting July 11th. Trying to get my act together to get some bin work @ Strathmore in Md. We'll see if I make it this month. Definately in September. A few more things are on the horizon that I will keep posting as they are more concrete.

Be nice and be more.