Sunday, March 7, 2010


Glad to see that my photo accepted into the Strathmore Member's Exhibition was not placed in the bathroom. I am actually pleased that it was placed in the sun room with lots of natural lighting. Looks good on the wall. Good positioning and an overall excellent exhibition !

Really looking for some innovative photography. I keep coming across photos that I have seen elsewhere. Same composition. This is my big fear. I would only do this consciously as a method of study, not for a show. I HAVE taken photos that I realized after that I knew who had taken something similar before. I do not believe that I have ever hung them, however. My leaf picture may be the one exception as this one does channel a famous Weston image of a head of cabbage. I can go on and on about how mine was taken outside in the elements and his was in a studio and it is different subject matter, etc.,etc., but I KNOW the truth. I thought of this when I was looking at the image on the screen when I made it black and white. I truly believe that it was simply influential and not copping another man's photo. The majority of the photos that I am seeing probably fall under the same category. I sincerely doubt that someone would cop a photo like that. I'd like to think that, anyway.

On to the photos ! My token color soft focus rose was fun ! Not like we haven't seen this a thousand times, but still beautiful in it's geometry. The moss and ice provide a nice texture contrast that I REALLY wanted to get. The reason I went stomping around the woods with my wife in tow was to get some shots of the trees and shadows. Not exactly what I was looking for, but not bad. Then I came across an Ethan Allen ad from about ten years ago. This dresser and end table were simply there. Just bizarre. Kept thinking that the trees were welcoming its kin back to the herd, protecting it from the evil that previously perverted it for selfish purposes. Offering solace for the tribulations that they had endured being transformed. Listening to their story and thinking, "There, but for the grace of God, go I." Just bizarre....

These were all taken within a five minute walk from my house. The world holds so much beauty that it is both far and near to us at any given moment. I'll wait on my passport for right now. I have too much local exploring to do.