Sunday, October 3, 2010

somewhere new

These are 2 paintings that I finished today. The rest are on my facebook page (Roy Schneider, icon is an owl being sprayed w/a hose if you are interested). If you are wondering what in hell I am doing, I will explain. This is the second part of my journey to the end of my artistic creativity. You see, I have an endpoint in my head, but I cannot get there by conventional, stereotyped artistic expression. The current state of art in DC is simply too stifling, too confined to express what I need to. So as always, I'll do it my damn self and to hell with all of the so called experts and judges and conventional thinking. Some may find it interesting/weird/bizarre/perfectly normal for me to have the LAST work I will ever do in my head and everything else is means to that end. One medium simply cannot explain who I am. The last piece I will ever do will. It may be done this week or in 20 years, I don't know. But I WILL know when it is done.

And so will you.



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missknowitall said...

exciting! can't wait to see what's next