Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vox Universalis

A long, hot (no a/c), and frustrating day at work, followed by the usual hour commute home. Listening to the most heavy and driving thing on my mp3 player in order to get the rage and frustrations out before I face the family so that I can be myself again and not the person I am at work. These two entities are kept apart for a reason. With the urge for mayhem sufficiently crushed, I walk towards the front door. Rained here. Very humid. Out of the corner of my eye as I ascend the stairs, I see the lilies. I think to myself, "Don't they look nice." and enter the house.

Then it hits me.

"IDIOT, WHAT are you DOING ? GRAB your CAMERA ! Did you not just SEE that ?" thunders the voice. "I'm tired and beat up and I just want to eat and sit and not think for everyone else for a while," I rationalize. "DO IT NOW !" the Marine in my head exclaims.

So I acquiesce and go back outside with the Canon.

This is what I took. As you can tell, I played with the focal points around f3.5. I also did battle with lens fog as I just went out and shot so the fogginess was a natural occurrence. Slight color adjustment and here you have it. I had so much fun I was giddy like a kid with a new toy.

Never again will I ignore The Voice. It tells us what is there when we don't see it. It shows us on a daily basis the beautiful and fascinating in our lives. A series of moments that I, as a photographer, should be aware of but as a wise man once said,"Life gets in the way of living." I could have easily ignored it and went on with my day, but I LISTENED and was rewarded.

I hope your voice rewards you as much.



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