Sunday, January 24, 2010

Next !

So, it appears my email got hacked. Sorry to all of those that received spam from my email. It wasn't me. I long for the days when a little steam and a glue stick was used to invade people's mail. It seemed harder then than it does now. I am embarrassed and more than a little pissed off by this event, but this serves to remind me that this can be an ugly place to be and one must be ready at all times. Last year, I fought off the Vundo virus for a week. It was as if I was targeted for termination by that bastard. I don't look at much more than news and photography websites, so I didn't understand why this thing would rear it's UGLY head for four out of five days that week. That experience made me switch to Linux on the fifth day and things are better.

Anyway, I think I have fallen in love with Alexandria. Just so many places that are interesting and challenge you to capture them. These are taken at the Amtrak station. Had no idea it was there. Only found out about it from my wife booking my son's ticket back to NY. Lots of neat light and fixtures both inside and out. Overall, I am liking Old Town for the simple fact that it IS old and has lots of interesting and charming things to photograph. I am still happy with my recent purchase as a walking around camera. But serious stuff needs to be done with the Canon.

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