Friday, January 23, 2009

So Here We Go

Dreams and aspirations. Taking the time to be lost in them. For a brief period, all is well in the world. You have all that you want, the sun is warm, and the cool breeze wafts over you as you achieve your goals in brilliant fashion. Life is exactly what was tacitly promised you as a child. Time becomes irrelevant. No when, no want, no worry. Trials and tribulations fall by the wayside. It simply does not get any better.

Are you waiting for the BUT?


Not this time. This time make it become a reality. Why not? What is preventing the fantasy from becoming reality? Why CAN'T you have it? Have you tried? REALLY TRIED??? What is the worst that could happen? Will you fall on your ass? In all probability, many times. Will someone take your dream away? No, that is yours to keep forever. It has been said that if you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life. Don't you miss the excitement, the enthusiasm, the pure joy of it all (whatever that may be)? I do. I WANT the chills again when a eureka moment is presented. I WANT the childlike glee when I do something I love. I WANT to look at the person next to me and say, "Ain't this cool!" and have them say, "Yeah, it's pretty cool." That's the feeling I want every day. If it doesn't come today, it will come soon. And, with practice and patience, I hope to have it always.

I'm getting on that boat and no one is dumb enough to try and stop me.


P.S. There has been some movement in my family's artistic endeavors and I promise to post them soon. No, really this time ! I will, I swear !!!