Saturday, January 3, 2009


An hour or two of sleep, then BLAM, eyes open and that's all folks. I need to have a completion to the day. I can't seem to relax when I KNOW there is SOMETHING on my mind. Like this picture. For some reason it has just bothered me since I took it today.

Was it because I was technically trespassing off and on all day looking for photos?
Does it remind me of something I've seen before ?
Do I have any credible CLUE as to what the hell these huts are doing here ?

As I was leaving this site, a gentleman approached me and asked if there was anything interesting to photograph there. Instead of climbing on the throne and saying that there is ALWAYS something interesting to photograph EVERYWHERE, I walked to a decent vantage point and pointed out the places where I had been and what he could find there. He inquired as to the legality and I responded, "I'm more of a beg for forgiveness kind of guy." This seemed to take him aback somewhat, so I wished him happy shooting and went on my way. Leave only footprints, take only pictures and memories has worked for me for forty-odd years and I don't see any changes on the horizon.

I really don't like looking at other people's photos for fear that I will mimic what they do to a ridiculous extreme. It's part of my personality, ask my long suffering wife. I do it ALL THE FREAKING TIME with people's accents. Pittsburgh, NYC, Boston, Baltimore, I find myself slipping into the accent after about 3 hours exposure and CAN'T STOP until she tells me to quit it. Don't know why, it just happens. I HAVE to study photos, though, so it gets really tricky. I set myself the ground rule that the photo cannot be created after 1950 or must be a news photo from a war scene or some other situation that I hope to never have to face. I rationalize this by referring to it as "studying the classics." I think it's kinda working out, but I am sure someone will point out that someone else (famous) has done whatever I am doing and I shoot just like them. I should take it as flattery when the time comes and, because of my rule, know in my heart that I am NOT ripping someone off.

Tom Robbins once said (supposedly) that if you want to be a writer, go find yourself a cabin in the woods and, for a year, do nothing else but write. Read nothing, don't talk to anyone, just write.

I am a photographer. I take photographs.



Muhammad said...

nice pictures ! keep it up.

kirsten schneider said...

I am not suffering : )