Sunday, August 15, 2010

evolve, jackass !

OK, so I've come to the conclusion that I should quit looking at photos from the '20's to the '50's. Either that or get a time machine (musheen) and carry my ass back to that time period to be a starving artist and raging alcoholic. Love that period though. Can't wait to be able to print with the tonal range of the masters of that era. Just gotta stop looking at it for right now. It is not helping anymore, just making me depressed.

Talking to a fellow photographer today didn't make things much better. I am wondering where the art aspect of photography is headed. Sales are virtually non-existent in the circles that I know of, short of cards and stock photos. Does not appear that anyone is doing anything really new as far as I can see. It struck me as weird that a "cell phone" category was available in an upcoming show. I hear that more and more traditional photogs are doing more in video than still. I am sure that better ( or better connected ) photographers that myself are getting work sold but with everyone and their mother taking photos, it makes it a little difficult to get things in the hands of paying customers.

This all begs the question: What's next in the evolution of still art photography ? I'll tell you this much, it will be a LOT different than what it is now. I know I'll be hanging somewhere.I just have to figure out what it will be.



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ilachina said...

Nature (and art - the two are not so different ;-) are nothing but cyclic patterns of nested cycles. Wait long enough, be patient enough, and your most meaningful patterns are sure to "return" ;-) The trick, of course, is to be true to yourself while you wait (tricky indeed!) Be patient my friend, and just keep doing what your eye/I tells you to do; the rest of the world will eventually come around.