Saturday, May 30, 2009

...but is it ART ?

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. That is not for me to decide. That is up to someone else. If I didn't think it was good, interesting, or SOMETHING, I wouldn't share. I just want people to have an opinion AND intelligently express it. Not,"You SUCK !" and no more. Grow a pair and tell me WHY it sucks in your eyes and I can have some respect for mankind again. And maybe, JUST maybe, you will begin to understand. IF you can get past yourself..... But selfishness, vanity, and the MEMEMEMEME culture of America will wait for another day.

What we (me plus the voices in my head) are offering this episode is from DC and Colorado. Boulder @ the top, Red Rocks outside of Denver, DC @ the bottom. Lines and reflections, reflections and lines. Older pieces that I could NOT hang @ Lorton (missed by months). Maybe I could have, but I like the thought of following the rules (sometimes) and really wanted to hang what I was currently shooting. But I digress...... I love the geometry in these.

I don't know where we will be going from here and it is EXCITING ! My next phase will be more on the lines of "digital art" rather than digital photography as I think it more aptly describes what I will be doing. Don't know where we will be doing it either. I guess I don't know much....

Did you ever get the feeling that, no matter what you did, it didn't really matter ? Did you ever stop to think that maybe it did and you just didn't realize it ? Whether you choose to recognize this fact or not, we all make a difference in someone else's life. Like art does........whether the artist knows or not.......

Yes, it is all art.




kirsten schneider said...

Can I tell you and the voices in your head that I really like these photos, especially the way you've presented them, without having intelligent reasons why? Just the feelings they all invoke with just lines is what gets me. Keep up the rant :)

ilachina said...

We all make a difference...nice line (and very true; perhaps the only meaningful truth capable of being expressed in words, though certainly not by words alone of course). It is meaningful to *me* (a sometime photographer, whatever that means) that the most meaningful photograph gracing my office wall (where I'm typing this) is not *mine* but a scan of a picture from old newspaper. It is of a teenage boy playing on a floating wooden dock on a lake. He has just jumped up to dive into the water. However, what the picture shows is him in the air, and - beneath him, in the water - the waves his jump has *already caused* to ripple into the "world's ether" (so to speak), even before he himself has dived into it. We are all waves, and our effects are both deep and profound; and our influence likely transcends time itself. Thanks for your blog, your artful view of the world, and the ripples your presence in it continues to create.