Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Working It

At the entrance to the building where the Workhouse Photographic Society hangs is a sign that says,"No Photography." An interesting sign for a working photography studio. Granted, I am sure the fibre arts group we share the unit with would not like their work photographed without their consent. However, I find great humor in this simple request. We, as a group, were told that this is a working studio and we must work on our art whilst "gallery sitting." Makes the sign THAT MUCH funnier.

This is photo was taken in the back hall of the building (so much for my reading and following direction). I thought the light was fantastic and the composition simple. This re-affirmed my thought that beauty is right there, hiding in plain sight, waiting for a curious eye to catch it off guard. Granted it is just a broom handle. What if it was a beautiful lady ? Would THAT be better in the same environment ? Or would she be out of context to the point of not making sense ? I think this lonely, taken for granted broom handle deserved this recognition. It is home.

Can a collective/co-op work in the long term ? Not with all the original players intact. This dynamic is such that it takes a particular type of person to make it work for them. The balance of the group versus the individual has been a discussion since time began, I feel. The key may be the balance. Compromise for the betterment of all (most). Seeing people have to work together within parameters (some vague) is truly entertaining in that you can see the frustration and the argument welling inside the person(s) feeling slighted. The underlying tension will rarely dissipate and this can sometimes frame the dynamic of the group. Some choose to leave, some stay, there are always other options. I have never been much of a group person. I never thought the benefits would outweigh the drudgery of "have to." I have and always will be fiercely independent. But I must say that the ability to work with and ask questions of extremely talented people in your field makes it all worthwhile. The opportunity to raise your own game simply by being inspired by the abilities of others, to see other views, to hear other opinions coming from talented and successful people whose abilities you respect are just some of the real benefits from the group dynamic. I like it.

The broom handle is prettiest when it is bathed in light.


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